As a USMS member, you will able to choose an affiliation with one of Oklahoma’s Local Masters Swim Clubs, participate with other USMS workout groups around the United States, and participate in all USMS sanctioned events and swim meets.


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Note: Annual USMS membership expires December 31 every year, unless otherwise stated.




Other Membership Information

Registration with United States Masters Swimming (which includes Oklahoma Masters Swimming) is based upon a calendar year (not from the time you register). Annual registration fees vary depending on when you sign up/renew.

USMS Registration does not include coach fees, facility usage fees and visitation fees that may be required when swimming at a club or workout group. Please contact the person in charge of your preferred workout group for more information. 

You can select an affiliation to one of the Oklahoma Masters Swim Clubs on the Clubs page.

A permanent USMS registration number has been assigned for all who have registered since 2002. If you last registered under a previous name, please provide the previous registered name regardless of year. In some cases, even if you have not renewed your membership after 2002, USMS may have already assigned you a permanent number, especially if you have held a top ten record in the past. 

If you do not want to sign up as an annual USMS member and still want to swim at a meet, one-event registrations are allowed and forms may be downloaded here. One event membership is only good for one meet during the calendar year, your results will not be "official" (times will not count for records). Your swim results may sometimes be taken out of the final results all together. The one-event fee also cannot be applied to the overall cost of the USMS membership.

For email or snail mail applications, contact Kirsten Fullerton, Registrar.