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— Mia Hamm


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Results from all Oklahoma Masters Swimming sanctioned events (pool and open water) are posted here. Questions regarding any results should be directed to the meet director.

Rose State Swim Meet

Usually held in February or March in Oklahoma City.

20092010201120122013, 2014, 2015 (SCM)

April Pools Swim Meet

Start off spring with this Tulsa swim meet that takes place in April!

200920102011 (SCM)

201220132014, 20152016, 2017 (SCY)

Oklahoma Memorial

This August meet remembers and acknowledges all the 'Oklahoma Greats' that have participated in our swim meets.

20092010201120122014, 20152016 (LCM)

Tallchief Open Water

The Tallchief Open Water race usually takes place in Zink Ranch in Sand Springs in September.

20082009201020112012, 2013 (1/4 Mile and All Others), 2014, 20152016

Mitch Park Swim Meet

The Mitch Park Swim Meet replaces the Lighthouse Swim Meet and takes place at the Mitch Park YMCA in Edmond.

2015 (SCY)

Lighthouse Swim Meet

The Lighthouse meet usually takes place in November in Oklahoma City.

2009201020112012, 2014 (SCY)

Turkey Trot Swim Meet

This fun meet has previously attempted to burn off all the calories from Thanksgiving!

20092010 (SCY)

Extreme Swim Meet

This meet has previously taken place in Edmond.

2010 (SCY)